The debilitating skin condition known as eczema affects millions of people.  Eczema is not a specific disease, but rather is diagnosed by its symptoms.  It’s a group of conditions that cause the skin to become inflamed or irritated.

The most common of these conditions is atopic eczema.  This condition often has a hereditary aspect and tends to be found in people that have other allergy related conditions such as seasonal hay fever, asthma, or pet allergies.  It is also found in infants, but tends to disappear on it’s own after 2 years, although symptoms may appear later in life.

Symptoms of eczema include general itchiness.  The itch may start before any visible redness or inflammation.  This is most common on when the condition manifests on the knees, face, feet or hands.  Eczema may occur on any area of the body, however.

Once the physical symptoms appear, the affected areas will appear thickened and look dry, ashy, and scaly.  In Caucasians affected areas begin with local reddening and then progress to a brownish color as the condition lingers.  In darker skinned individuals the affected area may appear lighter or darker since the condition can affect the pigmentation of the skin.

The underlying cause of eczema is unknown, but many medical professionals believe that it is related to an overactive response of the body’s immune system.

A diagnosis for eczema can be made by an allergist, pediatrician, immunologist, dermatologist, or primary care physician.  Since eczema sufferers often have allergies, complementary diagnostic tools such as an allergy skin test may be used to look for an underlying trigger for eczema flare ups.

Short term treatment for eczema is focused on relieving the itching so that the patient doesn’t scratch the affected area as much, which could lead to infection.  Goats Milk Soap is often recommended as a complementary long term preventative treatment.

Not only is natural goats milk soap preferred over harsh commercial soaps for sensitive skin, but it also contains natural moisturizers, enzymes, and nutrient compounds that will help nourish sensitive skin and reduce flare ups.

When choosing a goats milk soap for eczema treatment, it is very important to be selective.  Look for a natural homemade soap, with all natural ingredients.  A natural soap will contain only saponified oils and milk.  There should not be any laurates, sulfates, or other ingredients in your goats milk soap.  The color should be a light beige, not white like the goats milk soap pictured here.

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